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      [Model]: CP1250
      [Input Voltage]: 110-220V
      [Output Voltage]: 12V/5A
      [Size]: D151*W61.5*H44mm
      [Protection]: Over-voltage Protection, Over-current Protection, Short Circuit Protection.
      [AppliesTo Equipment]: Electric Toy Car, Electric Scooter, Electric Golf Carts, Electric Mower, Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorcycles,The Elderly Scooter, Electric Forklifts, Generators, Electric lift, Electric Sightseeing Car And Other Electric Tools.
      [Product Features]:Constant-Current And Voltage With Float Three-Smart Charging.
      Mall Size, Good Looks, Cost-Effective.
      Two-Color Red And Green Lights Charging Instructions.
      Complete Certification, Passed Through The Safety Certification Of Different Countries.
      Complete Specifications, High Charging Efficiency.
      Different Options For Input (AC) And Output(DC) Plugs, Accept OEM Order.
      [Supporting The Battery]: Lead-Acid Batteries, Ilithium Iron Phosphate Battery.
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